ScareTrack Episode 133 - Horror Crypt and Kurt Walsh Interview


Mikey and Hannah interview Kurt Walsh, the owner of the Horror Crypt in Blackpool. Kurt explains how he came to buy the Crypt in 2017 and how his passion and drive has made it the success it is today.


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ScareTrack Episode 132 - Pasaje Del Terror 2019

Mikey and Hannah visit and review Pasaje Del Terror in Blackpool. Now in its 21st season, does it still pack a punch? Hell yeh!

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ScareTrack Episode 131 - Valenterror at Scare Kingdom 2019

Mikey joins guest host Ryan Nixon of 'The Inevitable Theme Park Podcast' to experience and review Valenterror, the Valentines event at Scare Kingdom Scream Park.

They hide from Werewolves in Manormortis, meet a certain Waxwork maker in Body Snatchers and get their hearts broken in PSychomanteum.


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ScareTrack Episode 130 - Mark Lofthouse: Creative Designer Interview


Mark has been working within the Scare community since 2008. Starting his career in scare as an actor, he has grown his knowledge for the industry and his skills have evolved over the years. Mark is now one of the leading names when it comes to graphic design, scare consulting and events Management. 

ScareTrack interview Mark to hear about his past, present and future projects.


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ScareTrack Episode 129 - Keiron Quinn - Scream Effects Co


Mikey interviews Keiron about his numerous roles within the Scare Industry, from acting, prop making, set design, maze creation and more, Keiron is a jack of all trades when it comes to scares!

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ScareTrack Episode 128 - The Castle Dungeon at Warwick Castle 2018

Mikey and Hannah visit and give  their on-location review of The Castle Dungeon.


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ScareTrack Episode 127 - Santa's Fear Factory at Walsall Scare Maze 2018

Mikey, Hannah and Kate experience Walsall Scaremaze's latest attraction! Take a listen to hear why we believe this is one of the best mazes of the entire year!



ScareTrack Episode 126 - Christmas at Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park 2018

SPSP by Immersive Events returned with three mazes for one weekend only to give us a festive fright. Mikey went along to check out the scares behind the prison walls.



ScareTrack Episode 125 - Scare Kingdom Christmas Festival 2018

Mikey and guest host Jenna experience and review Scare Kingdoms festive offering:

Manormortis "Nevermore", Body Snatchers "Krampus Catacombs" and the sick and twisted Psychomantium "Glory Grotto".

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ScareTrack Episode 124 - Santa's GROT Hole at Ghoulies Haunted House


The team take another trip to Liverpool City Centre for a festive experience at Ghoulies Haunted House. Santa's GROT Hole gave us laughs, frights and surprises. 

Take a listen for on-location audio inside the attraction and our initial reviews.


ScareTrack Episode 123 - The London Dungeons 2018


Mikey and Hannah give their review on their latest visit to the Merlin owned London Dungeons at County Hall.




ScareTrack Episode 122 - London Bridge Experience & Tombs 2018


Mikey and Hannah give their review of their visit to the award winning London Bridge Experience & London Tombs.


ScareTrack Episode 121 - Fan Reports PART 2

Episode 120 of Fan Reports for the 2018 Halloween season was such a huge success we had even more submissions. 

So another episode dedicated to YOU the listener. A huge thank you to our listeners and other content creators who sent in their Halloween Highlights.



ScareTrack Episode 120 - Fan Reports Halloween 2018

This episode we hear from YOU, the listener with your Fan Reports of the 2018 Halloween Season. 

A huge thank you to our listeners and other content creators for sending in your clips.


ScareTrack Episode 119 - Halloween Highlights 2018

The team discuss all the attractions they visited during the 2018 Halloween season, give their highlights and low-lights.

Mikey, Hannah, Martin and Kate each run down their top 3 scare attractions of the season.



ScareTrack Episode 118 - X-Scream at Rhondda Heritage Park 2018


The team we invited to experience 'Once Upon a time' at X-Scream. Unfortunately, the team were unable to attend, so on this episode we introduce our one time special guest host, Toby Brandon.


ScareTrack Episode 117 - Birmingham Scare Gardens 2018

Mikey and Hannah visit Birminghams Botanical Gardens for their first ever Halloween scare event. The gardens looked beautiful and the actors were phenomenal. 

Take a listen to hear our thoughts on the event.


ScareTrack Episode 116 - Fear at Avon Valley 2018

Mikey experiences Fear at Avon Valley Scream Park for his third consecutive year. He explores all their attractions including their brand new maze 'House of Clowns'.



ScareTrack Episode 115 - The Void 2018

The Void: Horror Scare Maze - Created by Fear & Sons:Immersive Horror Consulting and Cyclone events.


Mikey visited the 'The Dream Tech Co to get his nightmares manipulated into dreams. He experiences thee attraction and gives his full review.


ScareTrack Episode 114 - Walsall Scare Maze 'The Ward' 2018

The Walsall Scare Maze team are back for their second Halloween with THE WARD, a brand new attraction at The Lion Bar & Club.

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